Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Watch out what soapUI is sending out

I recently had to debug an interoperability issue in how two software products exchange SOAP messages. soapUI is quite handy in such cases, but it can be too helpful and change messages for you.

In my case the messages I was sending had some WS-Addressing elements in SOAP header. I needed these elements to have some specific values, so my messages were prepared accordingly. Nonetheless the receiving side seemed to get confused during processing of these messages.

It wasted some time poking around the receiving side configuration and logging before I did what I had to do from the beginning: look very closely at "Raw request" tab in soapUI. It turned out soapUI "helpfully" modified my carefully crafted messages.

The soapUI project was created from a WSDL that contained some WS-Addressing. soapUI detected it and automatically modified every message. The thing is: my messages already had all the necessary and correct WSA elements, but soapUI went ahead anyway and replaced my wsa:Action element with its own, with the same text value. It also added some namespace declaration here and there. Why could it not leave my wsa:Action element alone? It was correct from the start. soapUI did not just insert its own wsa:Action, it replaced the original one, so it could have just checked if it is valid. Probably it was too much work for them.

And it is not that easy to spot such a small change in all that XML mess. Yeah, it is a silly excuse, but it is true.

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