Monday, August 15, 2011

Assorted facts about JBoss. Fact 1: StAX (Streaming API for XML) and the meaning of -711357515002332258.

Every time I have to do some serious work with JBoss I come across a situation that requires patching JBoss. HelloWorld kinds of applications tend to work, but as soon as things get complicated there is always something...

This time it is JBoss6 and StAX API. You see, there is <jboss>/lib/endorsed directory with some files in it. Normally if you start jboss with <jboss>/bin/run[.bat] the JVM is started with -Djava.endorsed.dirs=<jboss>/lib/endorsed

No problem, it is the desired and documented behavior if one wants to have newer versions of some APIs available in JDK. But <jboss>/lib/endorsed/stax-api.jar is a bit different. It is there for the sake of JDK 1.5. As of JDK 1.6 StAX is part of JDK itself. And it is not like JBoss packages a better or newer version of StAX. So if you run JBoss on JDK 1.6, do yourself a favor: delete <jboss>/lib/endorsed/stax-api.jar right now.

The solution for JDK 1.5 is not so simple because JDK 1.5 does not provide StAX. But first, what is the problem? This is it: javax.xml.namespace.QName;
local class incompatible: stream classdesc serialVersionUID = -9120448754896609940,
local class serialVersionUID = -711357515002332258
<jboss>/lib/endorsed/stax-api.jar contains more than just StAX classes. It contains some old versions of classes that long ago present in JDK. And because the classes are in an endorsed jar, they override standard JDK classes.

If you look into JDK source code you will see that class javax.xml.namespace.QName goes to some lengths to initialize private static final long serialVersionUID with some known good value. The version packaged in <jboss>/lib/endorsed/stax-api.jar does not define field serialVersionUID leaving you at mercy of the JVM algorithm to calculate serial version UID. Which produces -711357515002332258 in this particular case.

Bad luck if you have a serialized instance of a class which has a non-transient field of type javax.xml.namespace.QName. Or if you have QName as a parameter in one of your remote interfaces.

So I fixed the problem by removing stax-api.jar since I am running under JDK 1.6 and went ahead.

The simplest solution for JDK 1.5 is probably deletion of everything that is not under from <jboss>/lib/endorsed/stax-api.jar. There are also stax-api jars around that include only* classes.

But still ... One thing bothered me. This is quite an easy mistake to make especially if this file was added to the endorsed dir some time ago. I can see that it is present in JBoss5; I did not check earlier versions. But come on is it that difficult to review these things for every major release?

I can't be the first one to hit this problem. A bit of googling brought me here (JBPAPP-4223). OK, a bug is reported but I guess nobody is going to do a thing about it. After all it was reported on the 5th of May 2010, JBoss 6.0.0.Final was released half a year later, still with the problem.

And then I found this little gem. The beauty here is the recommendation of the JBoss EJB3 Lead Developer. Just read it. He seriously proposes to add the broken stax-api.jar to the client endorsed jar set. WTF?! JBoss EJB3 Lead Developer? No kidding?

Am I really surprised? Not at all.

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